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Contract a probing company to analyze. Every soil has its peculiarities and, mainly, is formed by one ground type or more. Faced with this situation, is necessary to make a check on the surface to minimize the fondations cost.
The most used method is called Standart Penetration Test (SPT). On it, a tripod assembled in the local that will be studied leave a weight of 65kg, that it falls and hit the ground untill stick a metallic tube (called keg) in the grond.
The number of hits needed to burry this piece indicates the ground resistaince in that layer ( the process is repeated, in the same point, every depth meter, until find the groundwater and firmer extracts). Every hit, the sample is separated. After, this material is analyzed by a geologist to precision the ground types found in the ground and your features.
Water, Sewer and Light
Every infrastructure must be executed during the work, according on project. Normally, is reserved a provisional link during the project execution anf, after ends, is done the solicitation on competent organs for definite linking. Observe if the local has structure for water linking, light and public sewer.


With three options, plan, aclive or slope, the lot may be utilized by the architect according to your natural condition. Griunds in slope provides buildings with stunning scenery, however it is possible change an uneven lot or plan, but will need a higher cost. 

Found the land, verify on the city hall the items below:
1 – What is permitted to build?
2 – Is the local an environmental reserve?
3 – Is blocked by the civil defense?
4 – Is in dispossession process?
5 – If the ground is a subdivision, find out if already  approved on city hall and if don′t have any pendency. Exemple: of Infrastructure;
6 – Find out if is registered in seller′s name. Otherwise, will need to request writings and probably pay a charge to regulate the situation;
7 – If the ground is forest covered, ask the seller the cut to get a better  evaluation to the local feactures;
8 – Check if the ground shows demarcations well-defined on field because after the purchase will receive a plant with measure and angles signed by the responsable that do the topography rising;
Considered the most bureaucratic part is needed to ask  the documents listed below to make a quiet purchase and without prejudice.

- Negative certificate of " Urban Land and Property Tax" (in Brazil IPTU)
- Certificate that has the 20 years historic and information of previous sales, attachment or;
- Check at the city forums the certificate of forensic distributors ( civil, fiscals and Federal Justice);
- Certificate of lease payments onus;
- Certificate of real onus proberty registry;
- Certificate of general property registry (GPR);
- Copy of the public writings and property registry;
- Registration of the existing works on the terrain;

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