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With varied sizes the dimensions best known of ecologic bricks are:

To expedite the work progress have in hands the modular mains plants in wished brick format;

The first layer indicates the exactly position of every brick, grouts and openings that show the location of irons, doors and windows.

The foundation must be executed according to the soil type and project, as every  conventional mansory works. Knowing that every 8 bricks the wall proceeds 1cm, the baldrame plant is elaborated with many criterions to avoid thet the bricks exceed the foundation.

Is recommended to conclude it with the floor, thereby serving as a storage of bricks leaving them close and with easy access for the mason;

Apply the asphalt waterproofing in walls positions;

Follow in the plant first layer the right position of bricks also respecting the place of the middle bricks, just place all the bricks massless, advance ignoring the doors distance;

With normal settlement mass, 3 of sand x 1 of cement, settle the 4 edges 1 by 1, flush it and give the proper alignment, take off the bricks to form the doors void;

The grout plant and opening signalize the place of the ironwares that will form the grouts, make a hole of 10 cm in the indicated places; cut the 1,6 bars to right foot of 2,7m with exceeding 15 cm for lying, position the bars.

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