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To 50cm is released the first clamps fastening  4mm on the edges and walls link;

For a better clamp fitting ( iron bar folded in "U" format) make a cut at the brick and clamp on the edges.

In perpendicular walls is also necessary to make the cut,distribute the second clamp tying;

The chute modular brick should be distributed for all the walls with purpose of serving like tying beam on 3 works layer.
Counter stick ( parapet height, normally about 90 cm)

Stick ( height above the doors and windows)

In the last layer before the "oitões" (big eight);

The ironware 4mm is distribuited by the chute in lenght of every wall, cut with extra 20cm anabling the fold of 10 cm for every side inside of grout on the edges;

Use plastic cups to keep the pipelines open.

Breakwater the parts that will receive concrete to help in cure;

Using a funnel, fill firstly the ducts with iron, that will form the grout, this concrete is the proportion of 3 sands part to one cement part and one gravel part;
*Obs: In case of accidents like mass splash during the concreting, quickly wash with water freely or coth moistened;

1 hour after the concrete, take off the cups and correct it with a sweep where the concrete exceeded the chute level; 

The window parapet receive a reinforcement. Isolate the third brick bellow the chute, fill all the holes, repair the parapet; 

Tie the ironware and proceed with the .settlement;

The tird tying with clamps will be in 60 cm after the chute, around 1,5m of height; 

Regularly check the detachment of windows void;

At 2,1m we are in height of doors and windows where stay the second chute layer, repeat the second chute layer , repeat the clamp tying in this and in the last work layer too; 

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