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This is interesting, so many times these residual materials are considered complete hindrance, but with researches the interlocking block Industry is giving an end to several residues, see how:

This is a way to transform them of residues to material for ecological civil construction.
The fact is the real possibility of valorize the residues with your reuse or process. This today is a reality capable of to make an opportunity to arise new materials, and is occurring in many industrial segments, which is certainly viable and visible in many sectors, including, the Civil Construction sector.
The use of inorganic residues is one of the viable alternatives more capable of sharply smooth the expenses and costs.
We have a lot of residues types that can be used to fabricate ecological blocks, bricks and floors, like: slag of auto-oven of steelworks, cinder of auto-oven of steel works, cinder of cane sugar bagasse (alcohol factory), cinder of rice shell, porcelain, industrialized plaster, fiber-cement (tile of amianthus), silica (rejects of breweries, gelatin factories, etc.), foundry sands, material of civil construction, and others residues types in general.
Contact our commercial department and bring the residual material to test.*

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