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Why throw away residual materials that exist in abundan, enabling a significant low cost of construction without compromise in your final quality?

Many companies use raw material discarted on constructions, grinding this leftover and transforming in grit1, grit2, grit3 and gravel.

What remains of this process?
WT ecological brick/block made of dregs of civil construction
After reserarches, the WT ecological block machine/brick machine and our factory develop the 10x2 trace, being 10 of residue and 2 of cement, not using soil in compost for fabrication of Ecological Brick and according to ABNT rules, being the only machine and at the market that press with excellence the bricks of residue of civil construction.
The process is simple, with the residue of civil constructions is added cement (of 10% to 20%) and the mix moistened with water. After this, is pressed in one of the Hydraulic presses produced by Eco Maquinas and has the ecological brick. With the versatility and technology of our presses is possible make Ecological block and floors too.

   Henry intelligent block machine  
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