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The ecological bricks are pressed, don′t pollute the environment and is cure process use a little of water, of which all this moistures returns into atmosphere in pure form.
THE CURE SYSTEM of the ecological blocks, bricks and floors is done by a moistering (wet), that is, by manual sprinkling, mechanized, automated and by immersion. But  it is important to emphasize, that in every alternative cited, must keep the pieces in moistened cure during 7 days.s.


The manual wet must occur preferably in a covered local, with protection from the rain, sun and exceed wind. So that the moisture does not evaporate prematurely .

 This method may be done by a hose, watering or any other similar objects, occuring at least 03(three) times in a day. In start this wet process must be thin and light, taking the necessary cares so that in early hours, the added ater on the product do not be too much strong to not affect its quality.
If the wet is strong it tends to occur little defects including , its face that may be more rough, can affect somehow its resistance too, removing a little of the exercised compression on the produc. After twelve hous of cure, the ecological blocks and bricks earn more resistance, this way, the addition of water may rise gradually and getting even stronger. The person have to worry with the quality, for this, must not lack moisture in the pressed product.
Obs. The pieces must be kepted moistened through successive wetting every 2 hours. This may vary according to the utilized soil type, be careful to the cited considerations.

The cure through the wet machining system can be done through sprinklers ( used to pass venom or to wet coops and others), a kind of water fog system. The process occurs through hose or raised pipes and distribuited in many sprinklers fixed and adjusted to stay over the product to be wet, when open the water registry network vaporize lightly penetrating in the ecological blocks, bricks, and floors.

 Its about a cheap and of easy instalation system, that don′t need to be watered. This must occur 3 times a day.
Basically is the same system of the mechanized one, the difference is the acquisition of a sensosr of moisture and heat ( lack of moisture), that will be automatically added just like adjusted, to keep the moisture whenever necessary (moistened).

     In a flat and covered area, after pressed, the fabricated products must be strong to be  stocked in pallets of a maximum of 1.5 meters for the cure, this stacking must be strong to be moved by carriers cars, forklifts, gantry, crane and others. After being pressed and stacked, if the product is quickly dring, must be lightly wet after about twelve hours after compaction(pressing).
     The ecological blocks, and bricks will be immersed (dipped) into a thank at least for 2 minutes and at most for 30 minutes, the immersion time depends of the used soil type. Because of this, we recommend that you to take a test: after removethe brick of water , break it to see if the moisture reached the middle of the brick. Make a lot of tests into diferent times, to find the ideal immersion timeof your ecological bricks. And do not forget that abrick well cured has more resistance and quality.
After being immerged in determined time above, should rise the tank pallet leaving the excess of water drain and and package them in a separated space. Should cover the product preferably with a black canvas dor the moisture to remain stagnant, for a nearly period of 7 days, after this process, remove the canvas and if you need, leave it in time.

It′s a system with a slightly higer cost , because it needs more equipments for its transportation and and process, but is considered more efficient in time and quality of the final product, because leave the moisture uniform. Even being a measured process in positive form, is less used because its requires more financial suport.
Watch the video demo bellow.
In relation to ecological floors depending on the dash and endurance required, if you add more cement, the tendency is that the moisture be quickly absorded. This way, the addition of water should be frequent, so that, going into fever or dry out.Beyond that, the lack of water the fllor can lose its resistance, so that, the cement doesn′t react according to the soil.
Obs. this may change according to the used soil type, always be aware.

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