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Rectangular standard in several heights options, with several figures in relief in the apparent surface, in other words, round, smooth, curled or with drawings approved by the Technical Department and of Engineering.

The line floor applies for the exchange of the modeling womb of the mold box ® so that the part of the corners does not go out with chamfer, since you gave the existence they would leave gaps between a floor and other, turning in the worst finish in his assembly, therefore, the necessity of the exchange of the wombs of the box molds.

Versatility, this is the difference in our Hydraulic Presses. The floors manufactured by the Machines and Equipments of the Echo Machines have finish differentiated and measured milimetric. It is the only Press in the market that makes possible that in an alone equipment varied floors models are produced, being more versatile, pretty and with the best cost-benefit, since they are adapted to all the types of environments.

The registration of the Ecological Floor is quick, which allows the traffic of persons and vehicles, avoiding wastes of materials, of labor because of being treated as a clean service. After his application, this type of floor receives a protection with transparent resin, being able to be colored, sprinkled also, with incredible drawings and decorative effects.

Composition of the Ecological Floor

As well as it is used in the production from the ecological brick, the process is the same thing, there is mixed ground, cement (from 5 % to 10 % depending on the used ground) and it moistens with water, so that there is a stabilization of the ground for the cement, improving the properties of the mixture giving so resistance and perfect finish.

Producing Ecological Floor

Before the ground of to be mixed with the cement, the same debit to be dry, exempt of organic matter and properly to sifted in 3 different manners (quilting stitch you to choose the best way to attend his production):


In this phase you will be going to mix the ground with the cement, which will be able to be done in 2 different manners


For bigger productions, we advise that the mixture is effectuated in the Echo Mix 250 - Concrete mixer Homogenizator, which for the positioning of the internal slats the compound moves in waterfall system, circulating back and forth doing the homogenization of quick form, without loss of time and without increasing the granulates of the ground.



After to have executed the peneiramento and when the mixture was effectuated, will be done the load of the box mold, the 6 and 36 Tons pressing (See the Specification of each machine) and the withdrawal, in the case, of the ECOLOGICAL FLOOR.

Obs.: TO the ECHO MACHINES, through studies, viabilizou also the manufacture of the ECOLOGICAL FLOOR from the residue of civil construction, sílica, volcanic ash, pulp of the sugar-cane, scum of auto-oven, bark of rice, porcelain, plaster, sand of fusing, termite, money when organic garbage was even damaged, being able to be applied also for the manufacture from ECOLOGICAL BRICKS

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