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The finishing on the edges in this brick type has chamfers, all well finished with 6x6mm, with male and female fitting, rounded.

This brick model is the most used because of your practicaly,  it′s used like intermediate bricks, wall corners and massive or leaked beams

On virtude of leaked system and perfer fitting in the vertical, they allow the pass of the electric ducts and the hydraulic system, and others, avoidingbreaking walls to pass them. This avoid the rubbish increase, the material waste , break-break and the wall restoration, this way, in the conventinoal system of construction this prjudice is inevitable. The finishing of this apparent mansory will be realized just by the voids grouting between the blocks and then, with the waterproofing.


Used to the internal walls, windows, doors and others finalization when needed. The grat advantage of the half ecological blocks is that you don′t need to cut or break it to make the walls ends.

The work executor doesn’t wrong in ideal size of half ecological block and, more or less, will stop your work to measure and cut in pieces. So, easily and guarantee a good finishing when is used, avoiding wastes. Beyond that, he guarantees agility, cleaning and economy to constructions.


Available in many models, being that the most used are the holes fitting ones, but the Chute Brick without holes, is being well applied on works too. Your main feature is that it can be placed in many positions and dimensions, used like stick above and below the windows and doors, and can be used to reinforce in the middle of the walls and back of a chair (beam above the last layer).

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