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Ecological Bricks - SOIL CEMENT

The construction with soil-cement is deservedly known like a millenary technique, the United States use the soil-cement during the War World II on construction of tracks of evaluation in Pacific Island, that results in a great Know How Technical.

Composition of the Ecological Brick

Mix soil, cement (5% to 10%) and measure with water, somehow that exists soil stabilization by cement, turning better the mix proprieties giving resistance and perfect finishing to the ecological blocks, bricks and floors.

Producing Ecological Brick

The soil before mixed with cement, must be dry, free of organic matter and properly screened. The screening may be done in 4 different ways (you just choose the best way to treat your production):

In this stage you’ll mix soil with cement, that can be done in 2 different ways;


To major production, we advise that the mix be effected in Eco Mix 250- Homogenizer Mixer, that by the position of internal vanes the compound move in cascade system, circulating side by side, without lost of time and without rise the lumps of soil.

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